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Loft Planning Permission by Loft Conversions Swindon

Loft Conversions Swindon will tell you that planning permission is just one of the things you need to think about when getting your loft converted. We'll tell you how to work out whether you will need to get planning permission, what building regulations to consider, and any other permissions you may need in place before you get moving.

Cases Without Planning Permission In Swindon, Wiltshire

While you probably won't need planning permission, you will need building regulations approval on structural elements and electrical works.

Loft Conversions Swindon will advise you that when converting a loft, you will need building regulations approval. Part K of the building regulations is concerned with measures to prevent, falling, collisions and impact and could be relevant when carrying out a loft conversion.

Need Planning Permission In Swindon

According to the Swindon council, all dormers on principal elevations (fronts of homes) and all dormers in conservation areas or on listed buildings require planning permission. Permission is required where Loft Conversions Swindon will extend or alter the roof space and it exceeds specified limits and conditions.

You should always check with your local planning authority to ensure you do not require planning permission, as in some cases pd rights may have been removed.

Loft Conversions Swindon Carried Out Loft Conversion

The expert team at Loft Conversions Swindon will offer the best advice to help you with home improvements and to ensure you avoid any problems down the line when planning your loft conversion.

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